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Part 1: View the video posted in Canvas about Field Study

  1. What was the purpose of the focus group?
  2. What were the questions about? What were common responses from participants?
  3. What were some of your observations (non-verbal or visual)?
  4. What were 2-3 themes/findings from this focus group about field study?

Part 2: Research a potential field study or job site that you are interested in working at

  1. Describe this field study or job site, staff, clients, the organization’s mission, programs or departments
  2. Describe if the focus group provided you information that would be helpful to find a field study or job in the future

https://youtu.be/yF2dknGU78c (Links to an external site.)

Below is a list of the Focus Group Participants

Field Study Students:

Isaiah Contreras, OC Family Justice Center

Marcella Gomez, UCI Dream Center

Valeria Guadalupe Herrera, UCI Blood Donor Center

Winnie Xu, Radiant Health Center

Shan Ali Pyarali, Associate Defenders Office, Santa Ana

Field Study Placement Sites/Community Partners:

Angela Chen, UCI Dream Center

Sara J Tuckerman-Cluff, OneOC

Beth England-Mackie, Student Wellness & Health Promotion

Vanessa Glotzbach, Hoag Orthopedics

Jill Vidas Housky, Assistance League of Irvine

Carolyn Spivak, Susan G. Komen Orange County

Aureo Tellez, Boys & Girls Club of Central Orange Coast: Newport Beach

Tamara Tellez, Human Resources Supervisor, Jamboree Housing


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