health policy unit 1

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Tracing how an idea becomes a law. Create a concept map demonstrating how an idea becomes a federal or state law. CO1

Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to allow you a hands-on, visual experience to understand how ideas become laws. You will take the information you acquire and present your knowledge in the form of a visual diagram called a concept map.

Assignment Directions: A concept map is a graphic demonstration of a topic. This is a creative assignment. There are many different choices toward creating a concept map. In the Resources section of this week, look for the YouTube video on creating a concept map. Also, look at the different options for templates for concept maps. You are welcome to also create your own using Word draw or Power Point.

The important piece of this assignment is to be able to articulate the steps on how an idea becomes a law at either the state or federal level.

You may want to also have a piece or spot on your concept map that notes the number of good ideas that never get voted on to become law.

Your concept map needs to include at least four different steps. Be accurate. Be creative.

This assignment is worth 100 points. There is a rubric provided.

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