Leadership Case Study 6Pages

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Read the Seeing What They Want to See Case Study (attached in the Module) through first to get familiar with the issues. Then read it again carefully, making notes on what you believe the issues, successes, or problems to be. The focus of your paper is the leadership/followership issues present in the Case Study.

Approach this case study with the assumption that none of the principals involved is racist and focus on the leadership issues of the case. Although racism can be an issue you discuss, it should not be the focus of your paper. Rather, it should focus on the leadership issues involving the three principals that the facts presented in the case study bring to light based on your analysis. You also need to asses the impact the leadership (or lack there of) of the principals impacted the teachers. Your paper should also not be a re-cap of the Case Study or case study methodology.


This is a critical thinking and analysis paper. At a minimum it should:

  • Discuss the leadership of the three principals and the impact it had on the 6 teachers.
  • Be in APA format including parenthetical references (Author, Date) in the text. See APA Formatting Refresher for questions. The APA paper template provided in Week 4 can be used for this paper also.
  • Be organized using Introduction, Body (with three major headings in the Case Analysis Guidelines below), and Conclusion
  • Be at least six pages not counting the Title Page and References.
  • You must cite the textbook (Peter G. Northouse. Leadership: Theory & Practice. (7th edition) Sage Publications. [ISBN9781483317533], Case Study, and two outside academic sources. Although you must cite the Case Study, it does not count towards the two required outside academic sources.

Identification of Problems (25%)

Discuss the three principals and six teachers individually, do not lump them together. It is essential that you provide a sharply focused diagnosis of issues and key leadership problems and that you demonstrate a good grasp of the presented situation. Again, your focus is on the leadership issues not, solely on racism. What leadership theories are present? Consider beginning your analysis with an overview of the situation and the significant problems and leadership issues that confront the parties involved. State problems/issues as clearly and precisely as you can. Unless it is necessary to do so for emphasis, avoid recounting facts (assume your professor and classmates have read the case). Also, for the sake of analysis do not assume that this is a case of blatant racism or sexism. In most cases, discrimination is not blatant and can exist even when those in leadership positions think they are being fair and equitable.

Analysis and Evaluation (35%)

This is a critical thinking and analysis paper. As such, you must demonstrate that you understand relevant Leadership concepts and use them in analyzing the situation. Support your conclusions with factual evidence and scholarly research about the particular leadership issues that are presented. Your interpretation of the evidence and leadership information you have gathered on the situation should be reasonable and objective.

Remember, discuss the three principals and their two teachers individually, do not lump all of the principals and teachers together. What leadership theories do the principals use? How do their two teachers respond to their leadership style? What role does race and gender play? What role does culture play? Is the Case Study bias?

Avoid rhetoric such as “I think,” “I feel,” and “I believe” and write “My analysis shows,” instead. Be sure and give credit to all outside references using APA Guidelines.

Recommendations (25%)

The final section of the case analysis should consist of a set of definite leadership recommendations and a plan of action. Your set of recommendations should address the problems/issues you identified and analyzed. What could be done to remedy the current situation and what can be done to prevent the situation in the future? If the recommendations come as a surprise or do not follow logically from the analysis, the effect is to weaken greatly your suggestions of what to do.

State how your leadership recommendations will solve the problems you identified. Be sure your leadership recommendations are workable and affordable (where will the funding come from to implement your recommendations?) in terms of acceptance by the persons involved.

State your recommendations in sufficient detail to be meaningful. Avoid recommending anything you would not yourself be willing to do if you were in the situation or a solution that is unworkable (e.g. require all teachers to live in the school district). If your solution requires funding, you must identify where that funding would come from.

Finally, address whether or not the solutions for an educational setting would work in a business setting. Why or why not?

Overall Writing, APA Format, etc (15%)


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