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List five rules that you feel should go
in every company’s netiquette rule book.

What is audience analysis? Why is it
important in business communication?

What are some tools and techniques that
might be used in a persuasive effort?

Do all reports include the same basic
format and contents? Please explain.

Write a wordy sentence, and then a
revised version that is clear and concise.

Describe how we can phrase a negative
message so that is does not offend the recipient. Why do we want to take your
described approach?

What are at five of the many things we
must consider when revising written communication to ensure it is clear,
concise and compelling?

In a communication context, what is
meant by shared meaning?

Describe how you might go about your
next job search. Consider how you will prepare for your interview, and what you
will look for as you review and revise your employment documents.

What are the steps of Monroe’s Motivated
Sequence? What does each accomplish? Why is this an effective organizational
pattern for many types of sales letters and other persuasive efforts?

What are the components of the
communication process? Describe a hypothetical business communication scenario,
explaining how each of the communication components might impact the ability for
all participants to arrive at shared meaning.

Name three barriers
to effective intercultural communication.

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