Psychology assignment- 2 parts

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Part 1: For the following scenarios, decide which would be the best learning option (classical conditioning, operant conditioning, or modeling), and describe the procedure for training for each scenario.

  1. Gabbi’s dog jumps all over her suit when she gets home from work. She would like to train her dog to move back from the front door when the door opens, instead

Type of learning:

Steps for training:

2. Mildred has a two-year old son named Jeff. Mildred would like to teach Jeff how to tie his shoes.

Type of learning:

Steps for training:

3. Jared would like for his cat to anticipate being fed from the sound of his morning alarm.

Type of learning:

Steps for training:

4. Marie has chickens, and wants to train her chickens to jump when they see her come outside with a bright-green food container.

Type of learning:

Steps for training:


Part 2: After reading the Case Below answer one of the following questions regarding the case.

Choice #1: Use the classical conditioning perspective of learning to explain two ways Richard’s fear developed. Hint: fear from the incident described in Part3 and from his mother’s fear.

Be sure to identify the following in your explanations: Unconditioned Stimulus, Unconditioned Response, Conditioned Stimulus, Conditioned Response.

Choice #2:

Operant Conditioning Group

Possible terminology to include: Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, Positive Punishment, Negative Punishment

Using the correct Operant Conditioning Terminology, explain the maintenance of Richard’s fear from this perspective in 2 ways. Hint: avoidance & response from his mother.

Case: Richard

Part 1 – A new office

Richard is 29 years old and a successful businessman. He was recently promoted to a new position at work and he was given a new big beautiful office in the front of the building. He was in his new office unpacking boxes when a snake about 24” long slithered out from in between the box he had just disturbed. Richard jumped back and let out a deep shocked sound. He found himself standing on his chair, panting, with his heart racing. He was trapped and didn’t know where the snake went. As embarrassing as it was he couldn’t compel himself to move towards the door and he had to call his assistant from his desk phone and explain what was happening. His assistant came into Richard’s office, let out a small chuckle, and led him out of the room. She emerged 20 minutes later with a bag containing the snake, but Richard was gone.

Part 2 – Feelings

Richard did not go back into the office. He went home for the day feeling exhausted and panicked about how he would be able to go back to that office. He started thinking about his fear of snakes. He has been afraid of snakes for as long as he can remember. His mom was too. He remembered her jumping and screaming when she saw the hose in the grass one day. He also vaguely remembered her throwing away a toy snake he got as a gift at his 4th Birthday Party, there is even a funny picture of her wearing a birthday hat using salad tongs to put the rubber snake in the trash can. He has always been able to avoid snakes or areas where he knew there were snakes, it was especially easy since his mom tried to avoid those places too. On school trips to the museum and zoo when he was younger he always avoided the Reptile, but this is the first time since he was 7 he has seen a snake up close.

Part 3 – Richard’s Recount

I remember it like it was yesterday, “I was a little boy, around 7 years old, walking in downtown Raleigh with my mom. We had just finished a special Sunday breakfast and were walking back to our car which was parked about 4 blocks away. I even remember what I was wearing, khaki pants and blue button up shirt. I remember the collar of that shirt was itchy on my neck and I stopped to itch it. When I started walking again I took a step and noticed something move suddenly from the bush. In almost the same instance it was on my calf and I let out a scream, jump, and started to run. A few steps in I could still feel it on me and when I looked down I could see a brown snake on my leg. My heart was beating so fast, I was shaking uncontrollably, and I was sweating. I gave my leg a hard shake and the snake flew off. All I remember after that was hugging my mom and her hugging me and trying to calm me down by telling me everything was ok.”

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